Customer satisfaction survey

An independent research bureau, commissioned by THL Advocaten, conducted a customer satisfaction survey in 2013. The average evaluation of THL Advocaten by the customers is 8.5.
Customers describe THL as

  • Personal
  • Professional/expert
  • Accessible/pro-active
  • result-oriented
  • Not too formal/approachable

Customers state that the lawyers at THL put themselves in the shoes of the customer, especially when intensive or long-term contact takes place. This enables them to know exactly what the customer needs and to become actively involved in the organisation. This is why the approach of and the contact with the lawyers from THL are both much appreciated.

A few quotes from the survey:
"they are extremely responsive and I do not have to wait long for them to call me back"
"they quickly get a grasp on the matter; usually they only need a few words in order to fully understand everything"
"I find their approach to be very personal. They know exactly what they are talking about"
"due to their expertise and commitment, they know what to do, which means long conversations are not necessary"

A number of customers stated that there was a need for price differentiation and a pricing policy. THL Advocaten has taken note of these comments.

Would you like to tell us about your experiences with our office? Please go to the customer satisfaction form.

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