Erik Lichtenveldt - Property Law (Construction Law) and Labour Law

Erik Lichtenveldt

Property Law (Construction Law) and Labour Law

Erik studied business law and criminal law at the Rotterdam Erasmus University. In the first year after he graduated, he had the chance to learn all the ins and outs of judiciary as a district clerk.

Erik has been a lawyer since 1999 and in 2006 he founded Thoënes, Van der Hoeff & Lichtenveldt lawyers, together with Renate van der Hoeff and Mark Thöenes. Erik attended course in Public Construction Law and Private Construction Law at the "Instituut voor Bouwrecht" (Construction Law Institute). In the field of labour law, he finished the Post-Academic Course in Labour Law at the Erasmus University.

In a very down-to-earth way, Erik deals with agreements, disputes and arbitration in the field of construction, and with reorganisations and dismissal procedures in the field of labour law.

Erik is co-author of the book called "Construction Law for Architects and Consultants".

He is a member of the "Instituut voor Bouwrecht" (IBR), the "Vereniging voor Bouwrecht-Advocaten" (Construction Law-Lawyers Society) (VBR-A) and the "Vereniging Jonge Onroerend Goed Juristen" (Young Property Law Lawyers Society) (VJOJ).

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